PXN-K10 Gamebox Tutorial

Connect with Gamebox

1.Insert keyboard and mouse to USB Port. Press POWER button, the indicator light blink 

2.Turn on Bluetooth in mobile phone, search for“PXN-K10” and connect it.

3.When the indicator light keeps solid, it is successfully connected.

Download Octopus APP

1 Scan QR Code or Copy URL(( to mobile browser or download from google play.


Scan QR Code

2. Add Game

Add a game from Featured tab or your local applications. 


Launch a game you added from Octopus.


Tap the floating ball of Octopus to Scelect PXN-Direct-Play and make customization like editing keys,opacity,sensitivity,etc.

· Activate

Activate Octopus by gamebox activator, you will get the following abilities:

l Play games requiring Facebook and Google Play accounts.

l Enables advanced shooting mode for mouse in FPS games.