PXN-K10 iOS Tutorial

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PXN-K10 IOS Video Teaching

 PXN-K10 iOS Firmware Upgrading & Button Mapping Tutorial        

1.Press the “POWER” button of K10 to power on, then search PXN-K10 in iOS Bluetooth, click to connect(When connect successfully, the blue LED light keeps on)

2. Then search and download button mapping APP “K10 Tools” in App Store, open “K10 Tools” to custom the button layout. Take PUBG as an example:

Detailed Step shows below

Click “Setting” on game—Operation Setting—Custom Button Layout—Make a Screenshot of Custom Button Layout and add it into “K10 Tools”( Recommend to reset the button layout before screenshot)

3. After selected the picture, there is a Toolbar. You can map the button to keyboard and mouse(Please overlap keyboard key to game buttons)

 Function instruction for Toolbar button

Function instruction for Toolbar button:

Back: Click to return to the album re-selection key map.

D-pad: Corresponding keyboard WASD (only one is allowed for this key)

Mouse: Corresponding to the Turing view operation in game (only one of this key is allowed).

Add button: After the button is added, press the keyboard to set the map and drag to the corresponding position.

Reset: Clear all configured keys.

Save: After the button is set, click Save and the key is saved to K10.

4. K10 recommended setting button layout (Remember to click save if selected)


1. Currently does not support iOS10 below system

2. Maximum 4 action in 1 button , like drive/get off/open/rescue can be set to one button (for example, F)

3. The mouse in the toolbar should be placed on the right half of the screen, such as under the small eyes.

4. After finished setting, be sure to click save.